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這是一本關於「為何原諒」及「如何原諒」的使用者指南。書中收錄近五十篇短文,鉅細靡遺闡釋關於「原諒」的心理行為狀態等各種面向,例如:為什麼要原諒、 不原諒的後果、原諒的好處、原諒的對象、原諒的技巧、如何克服原諒的阻礙……等,更精闢說明「與自己和解」、「面對死亡」、「創傷帶來禮物」、「假原 諒」、「原諒的介入」等深刻的觀念。書中設計許多有趣的「原諒小練習」引導原諒的技巧,讓閱讀和實踐起來都輕鬆而有趣。






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Review Reiki Meditations for Self-Healing, Bronwen Stiene

A splendid piece of work. This is a superrb set of CDs by Bronwen Stiene and is relevant to anyone interested in becoming more centred, happier and at peace. What makes it so good is the remarkable way Bronwen uses her voice to speak from the space which she wants to induce in her listeners. She speaks from within the place that she is inviting us to experience. This makes it very easy, and very pleasant, to do the exercises and techniques. She creates an inner space that is very easy to step into.

Many people, when they have a microphone put in front of them tend to tense up, feel the need to perform or try and “impress” their audience. This can make them sound strident or pushy. Bronwen does not makes any of these mistakes. Her voice is lovely and soothing throughout. Just the thing if you need some calming, positive energy.

Although I am not a Reiki practitioner, I found the material very accessible and relevant even just for general relaxation and self healing. It also makes a wonderful introduction to Reiki for anyone new to it, or for the more experienced who want some supportive teachings. In addition, the CDs are a superb example of how to teach any kind of inner work.

The packaging and the recordings are of the usual high quality that we have come to expect from Sounds True, so it works very well as a gift too.

What a delightful find. I just love it. My Japanese wife, who is a Reiki practitioner, gives it the thumbs up too

Amazon US. Review. Reiki Meditations for Self-Healing, Bronwen Stiene
Amazon UK. Review. Reiki Meditations for Self-Healing, Bronwen Stiene

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Jin Shin Fee, by Felicitas Waldeck

Jin Shin, by Felicitas Waldeck

Jin Shin Fee, Felicitas Waldeck

Jin Shin is a wonderful healing system which we can use for ourselves or use to help others. It was developed by, Jiro Murai, a Japanese national who discovered it in the early 1900’s while looking for ways to heal himself of leukemia. It was later taken to the USA in the 1950’s by Mary Burmeister, an American-born woman also of Japanese origins who studied with him Jiro Murai Japan. Jiro Murai is said to have re-discovered Shin Jin as it was an ancient Art which had fallen into relative obscurity. It is based on the same energy flows as acupuncture and acupressure. Jin Shin works using the hands as “jumper cables” to connect up various points in the body. The hands are simply placed on the relevant parts and no pressure or tapping is used.

I have bought all the books I can find about Jin Shin. What I particularly like about this book is that it offers a guide to treating specific ailments as well as acting as a general intro. So far, I have not come across any other book about Jin Shin which goes into treating so many specific ailments so clearly.

What I like about Jin Shin is that I can feel it start to work almost right away. I also like it that it is easy to apply it to myself, or I can use it on others. It is simply a matter of learning various points on the body and linking those up through our hands to balance and harmonize the energy flow and create healing. Some of the Jin Shin healing treatments are very unobtrusive. It is even possible to apply some of the Jin Shin healing treatments to oneself while casually sitting in a cafe or whatever – without drawing attention to oneself.

You will see Jin Shin under different names if you search around. The author Felicitas Waldeck, calls it Jin Shin Fee. Others refer to it as Jin Shin Jyutsu or Jin Shin Tara. These are all basically the same thing. Jin Shin Jyutsu was the original version and the other versions derived from it.

However, you may also come across Jin Shin Do – which is something different. It also derived from Jin Shin Jyutsu, but it is an acupressure or a therapeutic massage technique. The system in this book does not use pressure at all. Jin Shin Jyutsu/Fee/Tara is a system where hands or fingers on simply placed on particular places on the body. If the system is referred to as Jin Shin Do, then it is not the same system as discussed here.

I recommend this book to anyone wanting to know how to use Jin Shin to treat specific ailments and who is happy to pick up a book on something and just give it a go.

Jin Shin Fee, by Felicitas Waldeck- Amazon US Review
Jin Shin Fee, by Felicitas Waldeck- Amazon UK Review

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Will.i.am: The Unauthorized Biography, Danny White

will.i.am of black eyed peas


Like any writer of an unauthorised biography the author, Danny White, did not have the advantage of direct access to will.i.am (William James Adams). However, unless you are an avid follower of the news about Will.i.am – and know just about all of the story so far – it provides interesting insights into the character of the man behind the image. The book makes a really good, uplifting read.

It takes real brilliance to come up with a track like Where is the Love and not make it sound preachy and give it such wide international appeal. To make such hard hitting statements as linking the CIA to terrorism and to do so with such a light touch is an impressive feat. Perhaps it is no surprise to find that the track’s had major success outside the USA first as people outside the USA are more accustomed to having mixed views about the role of the CIA in world politics.

Will’s success in mentoring for so many other artists is not just due to his brilliant grasp of current musical trends. He seems to be a bit of a ‘self belief machine’ who inspires others to believe in themselves too – as his band mate Taboo testifies in his biography. Will intervened to help Taboo pull through a time of major self doubt early in his career.

If you wonder whether will.i.am is still true to his original values you can find some reassurance from his story. Superficially at least he seems to have drifted away from the vales of “Where is the Love?” to the more doubtful values of “Where is the party?”. However, Will seems to be a genuinely decent and sensitive guy. He kept going despite having a long uphill battle to keep expressing a positive message in his music. Black Eyed Peas were about ‘peace and love’ when most Hip Hop bands were doing a lot of heavy aggressive raps and gangsta posturing.

Will and the Black Eyed Peas would have hardly generated such continual long-term interest from their audience if they only stuck to tunes like with an overtly ‘meaningful’ message. Audiences can be fickle – especially young audiences – and people would soon tire of them if Will.i.am and his band kept with the same message all the time. They obviously needed to keep things fresh and they have managed to do that amazingly well. Their message still seems to be pro-life, though more in the form of an upbeat celebration, than explicitly positive lyrics. It is curious that their video for one of their major hits, I Gotta Feelin, even with its party atmosphere had scenes of people being sick and looking wasted – as if it were a tongue-in-cheek versions of some government anti-alcohol abuse adverts. Will.i.am was at one point very worried about his band mate Taboo’s heavy abuse of alcohol and drugs. The odd mix of scenes in the video (from party animals at play to somebody throwing up) may have been Will’s light and playful way of putting across a fairly serious message.

Will.i.am, despite his wealth and fame, often ends up in the “just friends” category with women. I think maybe his sensitivity causes him to suffer from Nice Guy Syndrome, a phenomena I’ve written about elsewhere, where a guy gets on really well with women as friends, but often gets stuck in platonic relationships with them.

Will’s refusal to be a tortured artists, and his liking for corporate sponsorship, have not endeared him to everyone. Even his moniker bothers some, but he seems to take that all in his stride.

One odd thing is that’s Will.i.am suffers heavily from tinnitus to the extent that he says ‘I don’t know what silence sounds like anymore”. It is reckoned that music is one of the few ways he can cover up the sound of tinnitus and relax. However, he does have a habit of listening to music very, very loudly. Is its just me, or could there be a connection? Listening to music very loud, getting tinnitus, turning up the music to cover the tinnitus…. Maybe… Just maybe a connection…;)

Will also seems to be a wee bit of a workaholic. I hope someone turns him on to technology that would help him calm down. Something like HeartMaths’ HeartMath +Inner Balance Sensor device might help him.

If you are an avid follower of Will.i.am and then Black Eyed Peas and have kept up with all the news about them then not much in this book will surprise you. However if like me you find em intriguing and want to fill in the details then this book does the job and is fun to read. This book is recommended to anyone who wants to know more about will without having to scour the net to do so.

Since will.i.am seems to collaborate with just about everyone – I want to say I am real sick player (I think that is the cool way to say it) of super mega electro house bagpipes … And the grooves I lay down with are really… dope…. think that’s the word he would use…

Will.i.am: The Unauthorized Biography, Danny White – Amazon US Review
Will.i.am: The Unauthorized Biography, Danny White – Amazon UK Review

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / M.E. by Basant K. Puri

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / M.E. by Basant K. Puri

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

This book is about a lot more than Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / M.E. There are implications for a whole variety of ailments which have viruses as a trigger, but as the book mostly sticks to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I will too.

Viruses are sneaky devils as Professor Basant K. Puri points out. Some viruses prevent the body producing the very thing which will kill them – various “fatty acids”. Unfortunately these fatty acids are essential to the bodies’ health. The lack of these fatty acids then triggers the various symptoms which we call Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This is the underlying theory of the book.

What makes Prof Puri very different from others who are looking at natural ways to cure Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is that not only is he a Professor in the medical field he has access to an MRI scanner – one of those big scanning things used to scan and analyse the brain.

This is fascinating as Prof Puri is able to link the benefits which patients report from treatment with changes in the brain. In pages 66/69 of his book a patient called Elizabeth was in treatment for 16 weeks and in that time went from needing to use a wheelchair to get the 20 metres to the MRI scanner room to being able to walk there. Here brain scan from the MRI showed her brain had increased in size by 18% (yes, eighteen percent)!

Elizabeth reported significant improvements in her health and wellbeing and these were in essence backed up by the results of the MRI scan. There was obviously something significant going on.

By now you are wondering how Prof Puri treats Chronic Fatigue Syndrome so you can rush off and buy it. Please read the full explanation below (and even better buy the book) as it is not just a matter of getting some Omega 3 capsules. Lots of people do that and don’t get such dramatic results.

You need to get capsules which:
+ contain Pure Virgin Evening Primrose Oil
+ contain EPA
+ do NOT contain DHA.

Nobody knows yet why capsules without DHA work much better, but the evidence is that they do. Most capsules with EPA do contain DHA so you may need to hunt around. One option is Vegepa E-EPA 70 capsules. Search the web and you will find them (they are available here on amazon).

This leads us to a down side of this book. There is only one source cited for the capsules which can make the book seem like an advert. However, it may simply be that the Professor managed to persuade a supplier to offer the capsules to the market in exchange for mentioning them in his book a number of times. The book makes no secret of what is in the capsules so any supplier can make them if they chose to. If you know of other capsules which match the above criteria please reply via a comment so that others can benefit.

I imagine it would also work to find capsules just with EPA (ie no DHA) and other capsules just with Pure Virgin Evening Primrose Oil and take them together. Please reply with a comment if you have any experience of this.

Prof Puri’s book also goes into what vitamins and minerals support the recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and which foods will help provide these.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to help themselves, or a loved one, who suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or whose health has never been quite the same after a virus infection.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / M.E. – Amazon US Review
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / M.E. – Amazon UK Review

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Ho’oponopono, Ulrich Dupree

Ho'oponopono by Ulrich E. Duprée

Ho’oponopono by Ulrich E. Duprée

Ho’oponopono: The Hawaiian Forgiveness Ritual as the Key to Your Life’s Fulfillment

This wonderful little book is deceptively simple. There is a lot packed into it that is not obvious at first. The author presents the ideas behind Ho’oponopono in a heart-felt way, rather than in a very mentally stimulating way. He does not go into a lot of details, stories, or overtly ‘brilliant” ideas (though they are there). This book appeals to the heart, while giving a few things that help to keep the mind busy while that heart connection is made with Ho’oponopono.

It is a small format book. Yet, the author has managed to put in as much, if not more, as you would find in many a full-sized work. It is beautifully done with lovely pictures and layout.

Ulrich explains the use of Ho’oponopono is four sentences “I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.” (The order of the sentences does not matter much according to the experts).

He shows us how to use Ho’oponopono in a variety of situations to clear old patterns of resentment and unforgiveness. The examples include forgiving ourselves as well as forgiving others.

The book also touches on the background of Ho’oponopono, where it came from and how it is used in Hawaii for healing on an individual and in group and family situations. It also mentions the spiritual principles behind Ho’oponopono as well as ideas for healing our money situations, work issues health and so on.

Different authors seem to arrive at different ideas as to what Ho’oponopono actually means and Ulrich seems to have his own definition which works in the context of his book and in using the material. For example: I have seen very different definitions of what ‘Aloha’ means too, so perhaps that is a quirk of trying to translate something with deep cultural significance into another language (ie even the casually used ‘goodbye’ in English actually means ‘God bless you’ – but not so many know that, use it that way, and translate it accordingly).

I learned quite a bit about Ho’oponopono from this book, even though I have known about it for a while. I mostly learned about how I could apply it in real life. It seems to me that is the real value of this book: learning how to apply forgiveness in simple, basic real-life situations.

Although I have not had any contact with the author, I should declare a minor interest in that we both have the same publisher.

I am happy to recommend this wonderful, beautiful and very practical book for anyone who want to know more about Ho’oponopono and is open to connecting with it in a heart felt way.

Ho’oponopono, Ulrich Dupree – Amazon US Review
Ho’oponopono, Ulrich Dupree – Amazon UK Review

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Opposite Emotions Self Help Guide

I have put together a handy page of Opposite Emotions Self Help Guide. This is extremely useful for any self help or self improvement exercise where it is good to be clearer about the negative emotions you are feeling and what the opposite feeling could be. The idea is to use it to help you change negative emotions to positive emotions, so that you can move ahead with your life.

It is only a rough guide as we may all have a somewhat different sense of what our feelings are about and how to work with them. I especially made it for the Four Steps to Forgiveness exercise, but it works for many other thing too. Please use and enjoy it here.

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The Course in Miracles Review

The Course in Miracles is a deeply profound set of teaching based on the theme of Forgiveness. It aims to set us free from fear; free from fear of the future, free from fear of other people and above all free from fear of God.

It is mainly a set of 365 lessons (one per day for the year) plus the text which helps create an understanding of the lessons. As for myself, I did not read the text for the first couple of years. I just keep working through the lessons and repeating them. When I eventually read the text I laughed with delight at how it turns things around and sets things to rights.

Some may not be keen on the Shakespearean style of the wording, but once you get used to it I find this adds to the power of the words. It helps take me into another way of thinking and feeling. The unusual wording helps awaken thinking outside of the usual as well.

Having first came across Course in Miracles in the late 70’s and have studied it again and again at different phases of my life. It has been invaluable. I bought this version as I wanted the whole thing in a compact size for traveling. I wanted a physical book so this works for me splendidly.

Course in Miracles has a Christian flavour and some might be put off by that. But I have met a number of non-Christians who have adapted to it without any problems and have gained immensely, as as it has a universal appeal.

Although I have written a book about Forgiveness I avoided quoting a Course in Miracles (or the Bible, or indeed any authoritative sources) as my work is meant to be religion-neutral so that anyone can use it and adapt the exercises to their needs (religious or not).

Amazon US Review of Course in Miracles
Amazon UK Review of Course in Miracles

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Four Steps to Forgiveness

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to forgive try the Four Steps to Forgiveness. I have made Four Steps to Forgivenesss freely available to anyone who wants them. The instructions for how to use them are also on the site so please make use of them and pass them on to others. The 4 Steps to Forgiveness really works.

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Forgive for Good, Dr Frederic Luskin

Dr Fred Luskin is doing wonderful work in helping to bring the study and application of forgiveness to a much wider audience. He is also doing an admirable job of bringing to light the many wonderful benefits which forgiveness brings. This is a very practical book which combines compelling research results with useful exercises which can help us forgive.

The world needs more people like Dr Luskin who teach forgiveness without religious overtones, as that can put some people off. The religious approach obviously has its place, but it is not for everyone. Someone needs to spread the forgiveness message independently of any particularly religion and Dr Luskin does this very well. His material in no way excludes religious adherents – it is simply neutral about this.

Although I have a book out on the topic of Forgiveness, Forgiveness is Power, there is minimal overlap between our two approaches. Like Forgive for Good work it also works independent of the readers religion. Our approaches are very different and the exercises we use are very different too. Anyone who has my book can still benefit immensely from Dr Luskin’s book and vice versa.

I recommend Dr Luskin’s book to anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of Forgiveness and to also deepen their capacity to forgive.

Amazon US Review of Forgive for Good
Amazon UK Review of Forgive for Good

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