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Secret Keys to Self Empowerment: Assessing the Damage

To understand the ways to empower ourselves it helps if we can understand something about the ‘damage’ which can happen to each part of ourselves, which prevent us being empowered. This understanding is important because if we are mostly damaged … Continue reading

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The Burning Ground

The Burning Ground Do not try to fulfill your dreams for they are but illusions and so would their fulfillment be also. Your hopes and dreams are what you create to insulate yourself from the pain of your own transformation. … Continue reading

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Interest-free banking: Ecological Money?

I recently attended a meeting about Interest-free banking and found it fascinating. I wonder if it offers a true ecology when it comes to the handling of money. In the Western world vast amounts of time and energy go into … Continue reading

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Ginger: great for motion sickness, fever, infection, weight loss …

I heard recently about ginger being really good for motion sickness, so when my girlfriend sent me an email saying that she was getting sick on a bus journey she was taking fairly often I recommended ginger. She does not … Continue reading

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