Ginger: great for motion sickness, fever, infection, weight loss …

I heard recently about ginger being really good for motion sickness, so when my girlfriend sent me an email saying that she was getting sick on a bus journey she was taking fairly often I recommended ginger.
She does not normally get motion sickness, but she does on this particular dramatic bus trip with lots of ups and downs and lots of swerving left and right. So she tried ginger – with remarkable results.
She made some ginger tea and sipped it before and during (as cold tea in a bottle) the journey. Not only did she not feel sick, she felt comfortable enough to fall asleep on the bus. Normally she would get off that bus and have to lie down in the bus terminal seats to wait for her stomache to calm down. Not after taking ginger tea!. She was competely fine with no nausea or discomfort at all. She was delighed and I was her hero – for a little while anyway…:)
Ginger is also reckoned to be good for indigestion, fever, and infection and even weight loss.
I suspect that ginger is a good travel remedy to have around for other reasons too as it helps prevent food poisoning – which is perhaps why the Japanese often have it with sushi.

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