The Burning Ground

The Burning Ground
Do not try to fulfill your dreams for they are but illusions and so would their fulfillment be also.
Your hopes and dreams are what you create to insulate yourself from the pain of your own transformation.
Allow them to dissolve, for in their dissolving they will no longer blind you to reality.
Allow the Lord of Destruction to work in your life: let that power split your world apart.
Let it evaporate the clouds of confusion that surround you.
You will not like what you see.
For it is then that you will perceive the burning ground on which you walk.
You will see the barren land before you and at the centre of which you stand.
But this too will pass.
For it is then that you will perceive who you are and why you have come.
You will see what is needed and what you must do.
You will bring life to this place with your purpose.
You will nourish it with your love.
You will guide and direct its’ flourishing with your mind.
Then, its pain will be no more.
Your pain will cease too.
For they are the same pain.
So, do not waste the precious gift of time: or squander it on idle and purposeless doings.
More than this is offered you.
Much more.
If you feel, as yet, unready to face your chosen task, then, let it rest for now.
Find your peace as best you may.
For the truth is not a stick with which to beat yourself.
-William Martin.

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