Jin Shin Fee, by Felicitas Waldeck

Jin Shin, by Felicitas Waldeck

Jin Shin Fee, Felicitas Waldeck

Jin Shin is a wonderful healing system which we can use for ourselves or use to help others. It was developed by, Jiro Murai, a Japanese national who discovered it in the early 1900’s while looking for ways to heal himself of leukemia. It was later taken to the USA in the 1950’s by Mary Burmeister, an American-born woman also of Japanese origins who studied with him Jiro Murai Japan. Jiro Murai is said to have re-discovered Shin Jin as it was an ancient Art which had fallen into relative obscurity. It is based on the same energy flows as acupuncture and acupressure. Jin Shin works using the hands as “jumper cables” to connect up various points in the body. The hands are simply placed on the relevant parts and no pressure or tapping is used.

I have bought all the books I can find about Jin Shin. What I particularly like about this book is that it offers a guide to treating specific ailments as well as acting as a general intro. So far, I have not come across any other book about Jin Shin which goes into treating so many specific ailments so clearly.

What I like about Jin Shin is that I can feel it start to work almost right away. I also like it that it is easy to apply it to myself, or I can use it on others. It is simply a matter of learning various points on the body and linking those up through our hands to balance and harmonize the energy flow and create healing. Some of the Jin Shin healing treatments are very unobtrusive. It is even possible to apply some of the Jin Shin healing treatments to oneself while casually sitting in a cafe or whatever – without drawing attention to oneself.

You will see Jin Shin under different names if you search around. The author Felicitas Waldeck, calls it Jin Shin Fee. Others refer to it as Jin Shin Jyutsu or Jin Shin Tara. These are all basically the same thing. Jin Shin Jyutsu was the original version and the other versions derived from it.

However, you may also come across Jin Shin Do – which is something different. It also derived from Jin Shin Jyutsu, but it is an acupressure or a therapeutic massage technique. The system in this book does not use pressure at all. Jin Shin Jyutsu/Fee/Tara is a system where hands or fingers on simply placed on particular places on the body. If the system is referred to as Jin Shin Do, then it is not the same system as discussed here.

I recommend this book to anyone wanting to know how to use Jin Shin to treat specific ailments and who is happy to pick up a book on something and just give it a go.

Jin Shin Fee, by Felicitas Waldeck- Amazon US Review
Jin Shin Fee, by Felicitas Waldeck- Amazon UK Review

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