Wind power tanker ship: MS Beluga maiden voyage ‘positive’ results

Container ships may not be one of the world’s worst polluters much longer if a German companies success in helping them become wind-powered is implemented more widely.

Skysails, a German company, reckon that even their early effort of fitting a Kite (or rather a computer controlled paraglyder) to MS Beluga will cut fuel bills by £800 ($1,560) a day.
“We can demonstrate that you can combine economy and ecology,” Verena Frank of Beluga Shipping explains.
“Economy, because you can reduce fuel consumption and fuel costs, and on the ecological side of things, we reduce emissions.”
“The kite is controlled by computers. One computer helps it to fly in figures of eight in the sky – maximising the power it produces. Another computer adjusts the kite’s direction.”
BBC article: Kite to pull ship across Atlantic
BBC video MS Beluga Kite
“If the project is successful, expect to see even bigger kites soon – some up to 5,000sq m (53,820sq ft) in size pulling ships across the seas and oceans. ”
“Kite powered cargo ship”, Positive news.
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The ship owner Beluga Group reports ‘positive findings’ at the end of the maiden voyage.
“We can once again actually sail with cargo ships, thus opening a new chapter in the history of commercial shipping”, said Lutz Heldt, master of MV “Beluga SkySails”, drawing up the balance sheet of the nearly two month long maiden voyage. “Due to the innovative SkySails-system we use on our multipurpose heavy lift project carrier newbuilding we can cut down the voyage costs and simultaneously reduce the climate-damaging emissions”, Niels Stolberg, CEO of Beluga Shipping GmbH, specified the positive double effect.
“A drop in bunker costs of approximately 2,000 US-Dollars per operating day becomes realistic, when the towing kite will be scaled up to 320 square meters in size subsequent to the pilot phase.”
MV Beluga SkySails returns to Europe with positive findings
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