How Microsoft iLoo Toilet got Blocked

One of my favourite stories from around this time two years ago:
The announcement that Microsoft were developing an internet-ready portable toilet, called the iLoo, turned out to be a constipated story.
First Microsoft panned the story and tried to put a lid on it by claiming it was a hoax … then, when the penny dropped, they got all flushed and had to admit it wasn’t – it was a real project of Microsoft UK)… then they announced the techonologically-advanced portable toilet had been blocked as it “wasn’t the best extension of our brand.”.
It seems that Microsoft headquarters sat on the toilet. “Corporate headquarters in Redmond, Washington, looked at it and decided maybe this wasn’t a good idea,” said Lisa Gurry, MSN group product manager. Obviously they came to the conclusion that the toilet was a low-end product.
At least in this case Microsoft eventually came clean and did not resort to a tissue of lies. I wonder what they would have done for the toilet roll out.
Microsoft iLoo

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