Respect your Dragon

What is it about dragons which makes them so fascinating? They come up again and again in stories from many cultures throughout the world….

Dragons are often seen as fire breathing monsters. Usually they can fly. They are often magical. In stories about them they commonly sleep on a horde of gold, which they have stashed away in a cave somewhere.
Yet why would a dragon need gold? What would it do with it? It can’t use it to buy things, because it does not need ‘things’. It could be there is more to dragons than meets the eye.
Maybe the real reason we find dragons so fascinating is that we have one inside us.
Have you not sometimes felt like a fire breathing monster? Have you not sometimes felt like you wanted to horde something even though it was of no practical value to you? Have you never felt the urge to fly?
Perhaps all these urges come from your inner dragon waking up and trying to get your attention.
We all have a mask, which we wear in how we present ourselves to the outside world. Inside are other parts of ourselves which we don’t want other people to see. Those parts are still there. They have not gone away, they are just waiting for us to find a way to express them in a healthy way.
The Dragon is a symbol of the wild and untamed parts of us. The dragon is dangerous. It is dangerous because it is true to its own nature and not to social norms.
Yet we must live in the world of social norms if we are not to be branded as outcasts. How then to honor the dragon within yet also honor our moral and social responsibilities?
Lets look at what happens to someone who does not honor to their dragon: The fire in their belly goes out (or is barely noticeable) and life goes cold and dreary. They spend their lives numbing themselves on various distractions like alcohol, drugs and TV. They have no sense of purpose, joy or creativity.
If their dragon becomes a dark dragon, with no light in it, they might become very bitter and cynical, or become super nice with no sense of themselves outside of the need to seek other peoples approval.
What happens to someone whose dragon is out of control: they become wild and impulsive. They end up without morals or scruples almost like there is something inhuman about them – which is true as they have become too much of a dragon.
The key, of course, is balance.
A healthy human being is part human, and part dragon (also partly angelic, but that is another story). A healthy human being nourishes the fire in their belly and recognizes and values the experiences which keep that fire alive. A health human being realizes that tending that fire so that it does not go out, and that it does not get out of control, is their primary responsibility.
The dragon knows this. Therefore the dragon warns us when we let the fire burn too low. It warns us through, feelings, impulses and dreams to take actions which refuel our inner fire. The dragon may even warn us through ailments, illnesses and accidents if we let things go much too far.
If you are willing to listen, and are willing to begin to be really honest with yourself, you will hear your dragon calling to you. Then you will know what to do.
If you create a healthy relationship with your inner dragon you will find many adventures ahead of you. The dragon will reward you with its gifts of fire such as: creativity, adventure, playfulness and feeling of being able to fly. You will also discover why the dragon has a horde of gold. The dragon is hording the ‘gold’ especially for you.

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